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Welcome to Community

I am Shanique Y. Meyler, a dedicated clinician and advocate deeply committed to centering the lived experiences of those often forgotten on the margins. As a compassionate agent of change, I invite you to find community here. This is a place where you can give voice to your lived experiences, access resources to restore hope, find information to promote wellness and discover suggestions on how to find joy even when walking through difficult times.

The day I found community, I found those who bore witness to my pain and purpose —I was seen and valued. These words capture the essence of this website:

In shadows long, where voices fade, Where hearts feel cold, and dreams evade, There lies a place where stories stay, Unspoken truths in disarray. Invisible, on margins thin, We carry wounds that ache within, Yet hope persists, a quiet flame, Seeking space to share our name. A whisper soft, a gentle hand, A promise made to understand, In this embrace, we find our kin, A sacred space where we begin. No longer ghosts in silent cries, Here, we are seen with open eyes, Our tales are told, our scars unveiled, In this community, we’ve prevailed. We breathe anew, we break the chain, Where love and language soothe the pain, In unity, we find our way, And finally, exhale today.